LA trip, part 4

Today was filled with a lot of walking. I took the metro to the Vermont & Sunset stop, and walked to Griffith Park from there. It’s about a half-hour walk from the metro station to the base/entrance of the park, and there is actually a shuttle bus that goes there, but it was still quite early and the weather was really nice, so I decided to just walk it. The neighborhood before you get to the park is actually really nice to just walk through as well. Anyway, so I got to Griffith Park and hiked up the trails from there. Prior to this I had never done any hiking before; I mean, I’ve walked down forest trails and stuff, but somehow I didn’t feel walking across a flat Dutch forest really classified as “hiking”. And yeah, no, it definitely doesn’t compare to these narrowish sandy and rocky trails and going up like 1300ft in elevation and stuff. This is like actual proper exercise instead of a lazy Sunday stroll. I was also actually one of the only people there in just jeans and a t-shirt rather than actual workout gear. :P It was so gorgeous out there, though. Griffith Park is apparently actually the largest park in the US, being five times larger than Central Park in New York, for instance. And once you’re out there on the trails you really do feel like you’re way out in the middle of nature even though you’re technically still surrounded by the city of Los Angeles on all sides. And since you’re going up quite high onto the mountains, the view is just amazing. With the occasional break to drink some water and take in the view, I eventually made it all the way up to the top of what I think was the highest peak within the park, a good 1600ft up. I picked the perfect day to do this, too, because it was very clear out, so visibility was just great. I had this incredible view of like most of the city (and I mean, check your map, we’re talking about a HUGE city here) from up there. I probably spent a good ten minutes up there just being amazed and admiring the view before eventually making my way back down again. By the time I got back near the metro station I was quite hungry and thirsty (despite drinking a whole 24oz bottle of water during my hike) and also my legs just wanted a rest, so I stopped at a Starbucks and had a large coffee with a cinnamon roll. (Well, I mean, just a tall one, but that’s already like 2-3 cups of coffee by Dutch standards. :P) I’d never actually gotten food at Starbucks before, just drinks, and this is me making a mental note to do that more often because that cinnamon roll was amazing. Though I guess I might be biased since I was so hungry after walking/climbing for over two hours straight, lol. Anyway, after eating and drinking and just chilling out on the Starbucks patio for a while, it was still only 1pm or so, so I figured I should go do some more stuff. I had spotted a stop called “Highland Park” on my little metro map, so I thought that might be another nice park. Lol, nope. Apparently it’s just a random residential area that happens to be called that, but has no actual park to speak of. I stubbornly walked around the whole area for an hour or so before concluding that, though. :P By the time I made it back to the metro station my legs were pretty much toast, but at the same time it was only about 2.30pm. So I wanted to do something else but knew that at this point it had to involve minimal walking. So what I ended up doing, since I hadn’t been down to that part of LA before and had my unlimited 7-day metro pass anyway, was just take the metro blue line down to the south end of LA, almost to the end of the line, then hop off and get back on the other metro car going in the reverse direction, lol. The blue line is an overground rather than underground metro so I got to gaze out the window while comfortably sitting down. I made it back to the hostel by 5pm or so and relaxed for a bit with a coffee before dragging myself back out to get some food. The hostel was serving spaghetti with meatballs for the third time within the week, so I wasn’t feeling that, I felt like I needed a vitamin and protein boost after all the walking I did today. So I did one final little stretch of walking, down to the Trader Joe’s, and got myself a bacon, spinach, mozzarella & tomato salad with a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was quite good, if maybe a bit heavy on the bacon. Yes, I know, I basically just used “too much” and “bacon” in the same sentence, IDEK what’s wrong with me. Currently I’m lying on my comfy bunk bed typing this, gathering up the energy to go downstairs so I can have the wifi to actually post it. I think I may have ended up doing slightly too much walking today. :P Also, it was so nice and clear and sunny that I totally got sunburnt all over my arms and neck. I got sunburn in freaking mid-november THIS IS SO WEIRD. Yet awesome. When I have to go home tomorrow I want to take both this weather and all of Griffith Park with me. Can I? Pretty please?

LA trip, part 3: this is the JMOMS one and it got freakishly long. Sorry. :P

Today was the day of the JMOMS LA show, you know, the reason I started looking up flight prices and eventually ended up booking this trip in the first place about two weeks ago. I mean, I didn’t come all the way out here just for JMOMS – if it had been in any random city I probably would’ve waited until Joe eventually does a show somewhere closer to my home, like in London or whatever. But it just so happens that LA has been at the top of my bucket list of places to visit for years now, and I’ve actually been looking up flight prices every summer for several years in a row but it’s just so expensive. So when Joe announced the LA JMOMS I was actually just looking up travel costs to convince myself that I couldn’t go there, and suddenly discovered that flights, hotels etc cost like half what they do in summer around this time of year. So I was suddenly all like wait, if I ever do wanna make that LA trip, now would be the perfect time. So it’s Joe Moses’s fault that I’m all the way out here, really. ;)

Anyway, so the show didn’t start until 3pm with doors opening at 2.15pm, which meant that on the one hand, I had some time to kill before then but on the other hand I couldn’t really do something “big” beforehand or I might be late for the show. So I ended up walking up and down the Walk of Fame, since I hadn’t even really done that yet (other than to get to my hostel from the metro station), and got a little bit of shopping done at the Hollywood & Highland area. Then I got on the metro in the direction of Universal, but since it was only like 10.30am I decided to stay on until North Hollywood and check out that area first. Umm… as it turned out that’s pretty much just a residential area with very little touristy stuff going on, lol. But since the weather was super nice and I had some time to kill I just sort of walked around for like 40 minutes anyway, it was nice. Then I got back on the metro and did get off at Universal City this time.

There was a little shuttle train from the metro stop to Universal Studios & Citywalk, which I thought was a bit silly since it was only one street away from there. So I ignored it and was like “nah I can just walk” and then I realised how ridiculously steep the road up to there actually is, haha. But at that point I was like, “well, I’ve made my decision and now I’m sticking by it, it’ll be good exercise” and just kept going. :P About ten minutes and some slightly sore calves later I was at the start of the Universal CityWalk, which is like the shopping/entertainment area surrouding Universal Studios, where you can just walk around without needing a Universal access pass. So I walked around there for a bit, and I was just chilling in the sun with a latte on the Starbucks patio when two girls came up to me and were like “hey are you going to JMOMS?” So it’s been confirmed that pink sunnies are the Universal Starkid Recognition sign in the US as well as Europe. :P

Anyway, after that I decided to pop into the Lush store for a bit since I’ve ordered some stuff from them online before but I’ve never really been in any of their stores – I know, right – so I was just going to have a quick look around and somehow ended up spending like half an hour and $60 there. Whoops. This really nice girl gave me like a whole hand treatment, cleansing and exfoliating and moisturizing with several of their products, and recommended a bunch of stuff as well as just having a whole chat with me about LA and stuff in general. So by the time I was done there it was about 1.30pm and I figured I might as well start making my way over to the comedy club already.

I waited there for a bit and found Nicole, one of the girls who wanted one of my spare JMOMS tickets. She gave me this AMAZING handmade JMOMS-themed swag, like a whole set with a bracelet and earrings and a pendant for a necklace, and then a keychain as well and a Darren Criss button. (The other person who wanted a ticket ended up not making it there unfortunately.)

While we were waiting for the show to start, Brian Rosenthal walked right past our VIP section to get to, IDK, I think like an area from where friends and family could watch the show. And the girl sitting on my left started totally freaking out because apparently Brian is her favourite StarKid, it was kind of funny. A little while later Alex Carpenter walked past as well and waved at us. I kind of figured he was probably going to be there since you know, he’s friends with them and Joe promoted the show on his channel and everything, but obviously I didn’t know for sure until that point, so that was kind of exciting.

The show itself was amazing, it was SO FUCKING HILARIOUS. If you’ve seen the first one and you liked that, you’re going to LOVE this one. Like, I love the previous JMOMS show, I mean, enough that I came all the way out here because of it, and I liked this one EVEN BETTER. I’m not going to spoil specific jokes or punchlines or do whole summaries of the sketches – not that I even could if I wanted to, anyway, it’s not like I remember every detail after seeing it once – but here are some generics: there’s a sequel to the Doctor Who sketch from the first one. There are two different sketches revolving around the Time Warp (to my fellow RingCon-goers, OMG IKR). There’s a Spiderman sketch. There’s a sketch about Ryan Lochte (am I even spelling that right? :P) There’s a sketch about Ryan Seacrest and that thing where celebrities have to guess the prices of items. There’s a sketch about a dentist (IDK if that was supposed to parody something specific, if it was I completely missed that, but it was funny nonetheless :P) If you’ve seen the Potion Master’s intervention sketch from Ascendio, that was in this show as well (in a slightly altered/more expanded form maybe? It’s been a while since I’ve seen that clip so IDK for sure). I think that’s about all the sketches? Fellow JMOMS-goers, did I miss any? And then there were a couple of clips being shown as well, a Herbert Sherbert one and a “save the panda hats” one and stuff, and Tessa sang her Biggest Fangirl song, and there was a Joe Moses Supposes with some hilarious questions and answers.

Okay just one spoiler then because I can’t contain myself – so skip this paragraph if you don’t wanna know – during the Spiderman sketch Tessa and Joe totally make out. I mean yeah I know it’s scripted and it’s supposed to be Mary-Jane and Peter and not Tessa and Joe but whatever, my little shipper heart just kind of exploded okay?

I don’t actually know if there’s going to be a DVD of this show? I really hope so cause I need to see it all again. Like, a few dozen times. Oh, right, and y’all who weren’t there probably want to see it as well. ;) Videos weren’t allowed, just no-flash still photography, and I obliged because I didn’t want to risk my SD card getting confiscated or anything, what with my holiday pictures also being on there and stuff. But I’m fairly sure I saw some people film at least little clips of it, so if there’s no DVD we’ll hopefully get to see those on Youtube. ;)

So anyway, after that it was time for the meet & greet, which went by pretty quickly. To those of you reading this who were at RingCon, it was basically just like one of the signings there. You got to have something signed and talk to them for a little bit as you walked along the autograph tables, but that was it. By the way I’m so happy for my RingCon experience just last month, because I wasn’t even nervous at all – just like, excited, but not in an overly-fangirly kind of way or anything either, and anyway, what I mean is I was just able to talk to them like a normal person instead of a stammering idiot and I’m pretty sure that was thanks to RingCon. :P

Dylan was the first one in line and after we exchanged “how are yous” I was like “thank you, that was such a great show” and then he said something like “thank you for coming out here to see it” so I told him how I’d come all the way from the Netherlands, and he was pretty amazed and high-fived me and stuff. Tessa was next and she immediately went “you look just like Amy Pond! :O” so I kind of died and was like “OMG thank you”, and then she got even more excited and was like “and you have an accent too!” so I went “yeah I’m from the Netherlands”again, and she was all “omg no way” and stuff and just basically Tessa is the most adorable person ever. Joey was sitting next to her and I guess he overheard some of it? Cause he said something about me being from the Netherlands and I was like, “yeah we actually met at RingCon just last month” and he said something like “yeah, right, I know! I was already thinking you looked so familiar” and then we very briefly talked about how amazing RingCon had been before I really had to move on so as to not hold up the line. :P

Brant was next in line and I know we exchanged some lines of conversation, and I think I still managed to look like a sane person on the outside but on the inside I was having an obnoxious fangirl moment and slightly dying because “omg Joey actually remembered me”, so I cannot for the life of me remember what Brant and I talked about. I feel kind of bad about that because Brant was totally amazing in the show (I mean, they all were, but) but yeah. Silly feels causing a brain freeze, I guess. :P Next up was Grace, who I honestly didn’t know at all prior to this show, I’ll have to admit. So I didn’t really know what to say to her and we didn’t really do more than a quick “hi how are you” vice versa.

Joe was at the end of the line, but at that point since I had been talking to Dylan, Tessa and Joey for a relatively long time – I mean like, probably only a good minute each, but you know the pace at which these lines move if you’ve ever been in one – my DVD cover was already lying there all signed and stuff, and Joe was kind of speaking to someone else already. So I was just going to pick up my signed DVD and go downstairs – I mean I’ve talked with Joe for probably like 20+ minutes over the course of RingCon just last month, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything – but then I glanced down at the cover sheet and didn’t spot his signature. So I was like, well, I’m not going to have a Joe Moses DVD that’s signed by everyone but Joe, lol, so I went “sorry, did you get this one?” and he was like “oh, no, I don’t think I did” and then I think I just quickly thanked him for doing a great show or something before I left.

So then I made it downstairs and I honestly wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be the whole meet & greet (with a chance to get something signed at the same time) or if it had just been a separate signing and then there was still a meet & greet thing coming up after? I spotted Jenn in the crowd outside, who had been sitting on my right during the show, so I went up to her but she wasn’t sure either. And we both kind of needed to use the bathroom anyway (which were upstairs right next to the signing area) so we just went back there, lol. So after a minute or so of standing near the back of the signing area I was starting to become pretty sure that this was indeed all and was seriously considering secretly looping around to the back of the line and just getting something else signed, lol. And then Jenn was like “I think I’m gonna try and get all the way at the back of the line so I can get some pictures with them,” so I was like okay yeah then I’m totally coming along, haha.

At that point Pat walked past and we talked to her for a little bit about LeakyCon/AVPSY (cause Jenn had been there) and asked if it was okay if we went through the line again, and she was like “sure, just be quick about it since they’ll have to leave soon.” So we got right at the back of the remaining queue and I got to talk to Dylan a little bit more, and got a picture with Joe as well. I didn’t really get a chance to chat more with any of them because they really were getting ready to leave, Joey especially was pretty much rushing out since he had to be somewhere else shortly after. I didn’t bother to ask for pictures with any of the others for that same reason, I was already feeling slightly guilty at this point for going through twice, lol.

So we went back downstairs again and then some of the guys had just arrived down there (via the other staircase I guess) as well, so the other girl who had been at the back of the line with us got a quick picture with Dylan. I took that for her and like as soon as I was done Alex came through in between us so he could quickly hug Joey goodbye before he really had to leave. So then I got to speak to Alex really briefly as well and shake hands and tell him how much I like the Doctor Who songs that he’s been doing. He’s like, one of my favourite Youtubers so that was pretty awesome and I may have had another internal fangirl freakout moment.

We had to go outside then, where after a minute or so Joe very briefly came out to say hi to the general admission people, like, I think he was out there for maybe two minutes total, just so he could thank them and people could snap a quick picture of but not with him, and that was it. So yeah, definitely happy I decided to get the VIP tickets after all, haha. Alex was also outside at this point and actually vlogging from there, so there’s a possibility that I’m going to be in the background of one of his vlogs for like half a second, lol. If you spot someone in an HMB t-shirt, denim jacket and pink sunnies, that’ll be me. :P

So then there just wasn’t much else to do and I got on the metro back to my hostel. Anticlimactic ending, I know. :P

Just a heads-up re: JMOMS tickets: it’s only a couple more hours until the show and I’ve gotten exactly two responses… so since there are also 2 tickets & I prob won’t have internet from now until I get there, those are the people they’re going to :p. So that means JMOMS tickets now all gone :)

LA trip, part 2

Today I went on the Beverly Hills walking tour that was being organised by my hostel. We took a bus up to Beverly Hills to then go on foot from there and look at a bunch of houses from movie stars and other famous people. (For those who caught my earlier tweet about that, I think I accidentally just wrote “movies” or “movie locations” rather than “movie stars”, but, yeah.) All the other tours around Beverly Hills are in vans ans buses and stuff and they just drive around the houses pretty quickly; apparently this tour is the only walking tour of this area. It was great because it gave our tour guide a lot of time to tell a bunch of stories and details about all the houses and their occupants. And apparently it’s even happened, a couple of times in the past, that the tour group got invited into one of the homes on the tour for a little bit. Didn’t happen for us, though.

Anyway, we saw the (former) houses of people like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, the Playboy Mansion and so on. Our tour guide had lots of great stories to tell as well and was just very funny overall. Like, he told us if any security or cops showed up, to pretend we were a bunch of architecture students from UCLA and he was our professor, so we wouldn’t seem too stalkerish, haha. Also, he actually got to meet Michael Jackson on one of the first tours he gave here a few years ago literally two days before he died. O.o He was showing a bunch of Australian guys the Michael Jackson mansion but it was like crazy busy with fans and paparazzi that day, so he asked what was going on and someone said Michael himself was supposed to show up any minute. So they waited and sure enough, he eventually arrived and briefly got out of his car to shake hands with our tour guide, and then went into his house almost immediately but did order pizza for everyone outside! Pretty crazy.

Anyway, so we saw all that and then our tour guide gave us some tips for other cool stuff to do around LA. He said that if he had to pick, the best tour was the Warner Bros Studios VIP tour, that it was much better than the other ones at Universal etc. It did sound really cool from his description, so a bunch of the people in my tour group were like “wow ok I want to do that”. These tours are apparently so popular you have to call in advance and see if there’s even any spots left, so one of the guys did that and they actually did have one tour available at 2:15pm today. Which was like… an hour and a half from then. So we decided to just go for it, and kind of finished up the Beverly Hills tour at lightning speed, with the tour guide arranging a cab to take us from Beverly to Burbank as soon as we finished in between giving his talk, haha. 

So 9 of us literally got picked up in front of the Playboy Mansion (while the rest of the tour group went back to the hostel on public transport with the tour guide), and we raced up to Burbank… literally running down the street from where the cab dropped us off to the VIP tours entrance of the WB lot, making it there by about 2.20pm. Thankfully the WB tour guide had waited for us to start! (It probably helped that the guy making the reservation for us paid in advance over the phone and had us pay him back. :P) And our tour guide (the Beverly Hills one) was right, the WB VIP tour was pretty amazing! We got to see a whole bunch of exterior sets from Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, etc. We also went into the WB museum, which has a bunch of props and costumes from various WB movies and shows. Like the original Catwoman and Bane etc costumes from The Dark Knight Rises were there, there was a whole department devoted to Harry Potter props and costumes, etc. I got sorted by the official HP sorting hat, which declared me “another Weasley” and put me in Gryffindor, haha. Must be the red hair :P

We also got to see all these original cars used in various movies, like the Batmobile and the Ford Anglia from HP2 and cars from Austin Powers and the Matrix and so on, and got a look at the “library” of props and costumes that any show can rent items from as needed as well. All of the stuff I mentioned so far is included with pretty much any WB tour, I think, but then there’s also a bunch of stuff that’s going to be subject to availability, since the sets obviously are used to actually tape shows a lot of the time so that you can’t go on there. We got pretty lucky in that regard. The Big Bang Theory had just finished rehearsals for the day when we arrived at their soundstage, so all the actors/directors had gone but the set was still open. So we got to go onto the actual TBBT sets for like five minutes, which was pretty cool :D And we also got to talk around the Conan o’Brien set for a little bit because they don’t tape on Fridays. And then the Ellen show doesn’t normally film on Fridays either, but this week was an exception because they were doing some kind of One Direction special. So they had this big outdoor stage where the show was currently being filmed in front of like 10,000 screaming teenage girls, lol, who had probably been waiting in line to get into the audience since early morning. And since we were on the VIP tour, our awesome tour guide pulled some strings and we got to go around the back and watch the taping for a little bit from the sidelines! We got to see Ellen and the 1D guys do a contest with a couple of fans from the audience. It was really funny. And not exactly something you get to experience every day. :D So we unknowingly picked the exact right day to do this, haha.

So yeah, our tour guide from the morning tour was right, this was definitely an amazing tour. It lasted for a full three hours as well. And it’s “only” $49, too, compared to for instance Universal’s $99 (though admittedly you do also get access to the theme park for that price). 

Back at the hostel, it was all you can eat BBQ night for only $6, so I ate here again. As I write this, I think there’s a hostel organised pub crawl night about to start as well, but, yeah. After two three hour tours in one day I’m pretty knackered and I think I’ll just stay in, thanks. :P My original plan had just been to have a look around the Hollywood area once I got back from the morning Beverly Hills tour - I mean, I’ve already been here two days and my hostel is right in the middle of Hollywood and I’ve barely even seen it, haha… but then the WB tour plan came up and I was all like, well, that sounds pretty awesome and it’s something I would probably never book all on my own, so hell yeah I’m coming along. :P And I’m not regretting that decision at all because it was indeed definitely awesome. :D 

Well, that about wraps up today then, I guess! Which is a good thing since my laptop battery is about to run out and I didn’t bring my charger down from my room. :P

My LA trip, part one

My first day was mostly spent travelling. I was being paranoid about missing my flight, so I wanted to show up to the airport about four hours early (the “required” three hours in advance plus an additional hour just to make sure). Then there ended up being virtually no traffic on the roads since it was the middle of the night, so in the end I arrived at the airport a full 4.5 hours before my flight was supposed to leave… and it turned out the check-in desk didn’t even open until 2.5 hours before. Whoops. :P

So after quite a bit of waiting, I had my first flight, to London City Airport. Then I had to take three different metros and a train, since my connecting flight actually left from a different airport, London Heathrow. I made it there with plenty of time to spare, so I decided to get some breakfast first before getting to the gate for my second plane. This was the long flight, from London all the way to LAX. Unsurprising discovery: long flights are boring. :P Also, since I had to leave home so early, I hadn’t even bothered to try and get a little bit of sleep first, but just stayed up all night, so at this point I was also starting to get quite tired. This led to the annoying situation where whenever I’d try to read the book that I’d brought or listen to my iPod or something, I’d get super sleepy – I actually literally dozed off mid-sentence while reading twice, only to be startled awake by my book suddenly dropping in my lap a minute later. But at the same time, whenever I tried to take a nap, it didn’t work: I would just doze off slightly for a few moments only to immediately wake up again.

The in-flight food was actually quite decent, and there was a fair bit of it, too. Being in the cheapest possible economy class, I had honestly sort of counted on only getting a single meal, but we started off with a cocktail and pretzels, later got our actual meal (chicken, potatoes, endive and a side salad), then a cup of chocolate pudding with tea or coffee, a hot snack (sausage roll or cheese danish) a little later on, and then finally an afternoon tea (more tea and coffee with a cupcake and finger sandwiches) an hour or so before we landed.

Also, apparently I was sitting next to One Direction’s tour manager the entire flight? He was talking about music stuff with the guy next to him most of the time, and I did get the impression that he wasn’t so much a musician himself but rather a manager of some kind, and then at one point he pulled out a stack of papers that had “One Direction US Tour schedule” at the top.

Anyway, I finally arrived and sailed through customs quite smoothly, then found the shuttle bus to Union Station. I had been wearing a vest and a (summer) jacket on top of my t-shirt, which was still quite chilly back home since it’ was nearly freezing back there, but now I suddenly had to take both of them off because it was that warm! Add to that all the palm trees and stuff I could see from the bus and it was suddenly hitting me that I had actually made it to LA, haha.

I got to Union Station, bought a 7 day metro pass and changed to the metro to Hollywood, where my hostel was located. The hostel is located right next to Hollywood Boulevard with the Walk of Fame and everything, and is very nice! I took a shower first as I was feeling rather grimy and sweaty after travelling for about 20 hours at that point, then went out to buy some food. Once I got back from that I pretty much went straight to bed even though it was only 9pm local time, seeing as I had been up for nearly 48 hours by then and was practically asleep on my feet :P

The second day was the first day that I got to do some actual sightseeing. I took the free shuttle to Venice Beach that the hostel provides a couple of days per week. Apparently it’s usually quite full, but today it was just me and one other hostel guest, a guy called Jack from Australia, from whom LA was his last stop of a three-month trip around the world. We walked along Venice Beach together down to Santa Monica. It was pretty quiet; virtually no other tourists walking down there and no one at all on the beach itself. I got the impression there were far fewer stalls, street performers etc. alongside the road as there normally are in the summer, too.

We made it down to the Santa Monica pier with Pacific Park, which was nice to see for myself after having seen it in so many movies and TV shows for years. We walked a little ways up Santa Monica Boulevard as well. My entire plan for this day had pretty much been “to check out Santa Monica and Venice Beach”, but because there wasn’t that much to see or do during the off-season, we were done with our entire walk around the area by like 12.30pm.

So Jack went on to check out the tar pits while I hopped on a bus to downtown LA. I had a nice walk around Chinatown, the Fashion District, the flower markets etc. The Fashion District especially surprised me. For some reason I had expected it to mostly contain actual fashion stores, but it was a fashion district as in, fabric shops and sewing workshops and so on. Lots and lots of fabric stores, actually. Back home, I think my entire town literally has a single fabric store, and my mum’s city (the one I grew up in, which is a fair bit larger) has maybe 4 or 5 of them, spread out across the entire city. But this fashion district literally had hundreds of them, just entire streets filled with nothing but fabric stores, one after the other, selling every kind of fabric imaginable. It was quite a cool sight, actually.

As I was walking along the flower market it began to get dark, and I suddenly realised it was already 5pm and my feet were starting to get quite tired, too. So I got on a bus to the metro station and took the metro back to the hostel. I ate dinner at the hostel; they were serving spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce and a side salad for only $6. It was quite good, too. Aaand that brings us to this point of me writing up this log. :P

woeshh asked:

I was wondering where you were! So your going to JMOMS? Awesome! Have fun!

yes! and also just sight seeing in la for about 5 days. this has been on my bucket list for like 10 years so im really excited, but also slightly freaked out because its my first time travelling alone since no one could make it on such short notice, haha.

Sooo… yeah. I haven’t been on Tumblr in like three weeks. I’ve been kind of caught up with real life (working and job hunting and then some other stuff) and then for the last week or so, also suddenly planning this trip like crazy. (You know. The one that that post I just made gave a pretty big hint about. >.>)

The one that I still can’t quite believe I’m making, except that I kinda leave for the airport in like an hour.

I’m sort of terrified and excited at the same time right now. That’s perfectly normal, right? Right?

Attention LA Starkids!

(or people who just like comedy. but I kind of figure the majority of the people who are going/want to go to this are starkids.)

I have one, possibly two spare tickets for the LA JMOMS show that is happening this Saturday (Nov 10th) at 3pm. I missed out on the first batch of VIP tickets, so then I bought general admission instead. Then they suddenly released another batch of VIP tickets, and I eventually decided I did want those instead. But there are no refunds or exchanges, so now I also have the gen admission tickets I had already ordered.

The reason I say “one or possibly two” is that the tickets are in my name and a (nameless) +1 - so you should be able to use the +1 ticket, but I’m not sure I will be allowed to let anyone who isn’t me use the other one that has my name on it. At any rate, because of this I can’t just send you the e-ticket in advance (even if you just want the one ticket rather than try to use both). You will need to meet me there in person (and basically pretend to be my +1 or possibly +2 for a little bit :P) to be able to collect your wristband that lets you into the show. After that, you’re free to go sit anywhere you like. 

If you’re interested, send me an ask. I’m not really expecting anyone to pay full price for these, since there are still regular tickets available for this show, so why go through the extra hassle mentioned above when you can just get those, right? But since these tickets have already been paid for, anything I can get back for them will be better than nothing, you know? :P 
In fact, if you were wanting to go see this show but just really couldn’t afford it, feel free to still send me an ask. If I don’t get any offers from people who want to buy it/them off me, I might end up giving them to you for free - I mean, I’m out of the money either way, after all. 

So, in summary:

  • On offer: 1 JMOMS ticket, or possibly 2 if the comedy club staff decides to be nice about it
  • Price: whatever you can spare
  • Pickup: at the comedy club, on Saturday, at… 2pm-ish? I guess?
  • Payment: cash, only to be paid upon succesful reception of wristband, of course :P
  • Contact: leave me an offer & your contact details in my ask box :)

Oh my god I had actually completely forgotten about being interviewed for this. Well. That wasn’t awkward to watch or anything. >.>

(Seriously I clicked the click to this thinking “oh, there’s actually footage from the press conference! That’s nice!” and then it was like “…wait, those girls look really familiar. Wait a minute. Weren’t they the ones that… oh god that’s me.” :P)

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